History at OLSJ 

At Our Lady and St Joseph we ensure that pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, and place great importance on the Humanities.

OLSJ has recently invested in a new scheme of work for History called Voyagers by Rising Stars.  It’s an exciting programme of lessons, which is teeming with creative outcomes, such as creating your very own Viking myth or recreating an archaeological dig. We have found the lessons to be cross-curricular, improving core English, Maths and Science skills in an exciting and interactive way. The following are the areas of learning in History that your child will be covering. We will soon be doing a whole school study of our school through the years.

Please see below a brief breakdown of the units each year group covers as well as curriculum coverage. 


Rising Stars History Topics

Year 1

  • Why do we remember the fifth of November?
  • Who were the greatest explorers?

Year 2

  • How has food changed over time and where does it come from? (Links to Geography)
  • Who are our local heroes?

Year 3

  • What was new about the New Stone Age? (a look at the ages)
  • How much did the Ancient Egyptians achieve?

Year 4

  • What happened when the Romans came?
  • What was important to our local Victorians? It is better to be a child now or in the past. 

Year 5

  • Why should we remember the Maya?
  • Why should we thank the Ancient Greeks? 

Year 6

  • Would the Vikings do anything for money?
  • What impact did the Anglo-Saxons have?