Art & Design

Art is taught by a specialist art teacher across Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.  Each year group is taught art for a half-termly block.  Art projects are cross-curricular and link in with a range of subjects including History ,Geography, RE and Spanish.  Each project also ties in with an Artist, either historical or living.

In the Early Years art is embedded within the curriculum and children are provided with lots of opportunities to explore creatively using a range of materials including paint, chalk and pastels both indoors and outdoors.

In KS1, children explore colour, pattern and texture using a variety of resources including paints, oil pastels and recyclable materials.  Projects have focuses on artists including Kandinsky and Mondrian as well as local artists such as Camille Walala.  In the past, projects have included designing and creating a Picasso inspired version of the local Dalston ‘Peace Mural’ as part of the Year 2 Geography topic ‘Our Local Area’. 

In KS2 children build on these skills as well as developing observational drawing skills and working with a wider range of materials, including clay and modroc.  Past projects have included creating Punch and Judy puppets as part of the year 4 History topic ‘Victorians’ and 3D Egyptian pyramids and mummies using clay as part of the year 3 History project ‘Ancient Egypt’.