Music Making in OLSJ

 Music is at the heart of our school and every child is encouraged to sing, explore sounds and make music from an early age.  At OLSJ we have weekly music sessions led by Ms Dyer.

 Throughout the year children within the school are invited to perform at various special events within the school calendar. They share their musical skills and what they have been working on in class music lessons, percussion groups, choir, vocal groups as well as guitar, drum or piano lessons.   

 Early Years

 In our weekly music sessions we explore sounds covering a wide range of instruments with interactive musical activities.  We spend a lot of time singing and building confidence in the children’s ability to share their voice with the group.

Circle time singing includes traditional nursery rhymes, singing games, and playground chants. 

Curriculum Overview

 Key Stage 1

  • Sing songs
    Play tuned & untuned instruments musically
  • Listen & understand live and recorded music
  • Make and combine sounds musically

 Lower Key Stage 2

  • Use voice & instruments with increasing accuracy, control and expression
  • Improvise & compose music
  • Listen with attention to detail
  • Appreciate wide range of live & recorded music
  • Begin to develop understanding of history

 Upper Key Stage 2

  • Perform with control & expression solo & in ensembles
  • Improvise & compose using dimensions of music
  • Listen to detail and recall aurally
  • Use & understand basics of staff notation
  • Develop an understanding of the history of music, including great musicians & composers