The Parents' Association (PA) is how parents and carers get together to make the school even better.  We support the school and our children and each other. We organise events - Christmas & summer fairs, De Beauvoir shopping trails, children's discos, quiz nights, movie nights - and we organise communal fundraisers - Christmas trees/wreaths, Christmas card, non-uniform days, tea towel sales and raffles. All of these activities bring us together and raise money and we use that money to subsidise events, excursions, the purchase of educational tools, musical instruments and library books and other stuff needed/wanted by the school.

All of us parents and carers have different experiences and concerns but also different enthusiasms and talents and we can bring so much to the school.  By definition, we're all in the PA and the more of us who can join in and build our PA, the better. All PA meetings are flagged up on the Year Group Chat Rooms (they’re usually monthly and usually on the first Wednesday of the month). Everyone is welcome; ALWAYS. We plan, we organise and we share our experiences as parents and carers. And meanwhile, the PA is always reachable at olsjparents@gmail.com.