Art & Design


At Our Lady & St Joseph school, we value and understand that Art and Design forms an extremely important part of a broad and balanced curriculum. We want children to be exposed to a range of mediums across a wide range of subjects. This allows them to further express their individuality through different creative ventures and projects.





National Curriculum: The teaching and implementation of the Art and Design curriculum at OLSJ is based on the National Curriculum. The children are taught art throughout different areas in curriculum. Areas covered include sketching skills, exploring colour, creating textiles, 3D work, printing and pattern. Art and design features heavily throughout History, Geography and RE learning.

Sketchbooks: Pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 have their own sketchbooks that pass up through the school, which gives them (and their teacher) the opportunity to track their progress. When using sketchbooks, children are given the time to explore key art skills in one-off (or more) art lessons. Each child loves having their own sketchbook and they take great pride in their work.

Class books: Each class has a class art book to display examples of art that have been completed in class. Children have the opportunity to express their pupil voice through class discussions. Children are encouraged to speak about the process of creating the artwork and the elements they enjoyed. These books contain a range of examples, including cross-curricular art linking to other areas of the curriculum.

Pupil Voice: Pupils also have the opportunity to explore different artists, illustrators and their work. They are asked open-ended questions about a range of artwork and are encouraged to give their views about what they see, like, dislike and how it makes them feel. We encourage the use of specific artistic vocabulary throughout art lessons and this further develops their creative voice from a young age. We have also introduced comment boxes for children from Year 2 – Year 6 to use within their sketchbooks. This allows them to write own how certain work makes them feel and what they like about it.

Hispanic Week: Pupil’s learning is further enhanced with a week exploring the art in Hispanic Week. The children have an opportunity to explore a range of different Hispanic art, artists and designers such as Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Gaudi and Salvador Dali.

Arts Week: Arts Week is a celebration of different artists under a particular theme. In 2022, our theme was diversity and each year group explored an artist who embodied the term diversity in their own way.

Staff Moderation: Staff are given the opportunity to share a selection of their sketchbooks with colleagues once a term in order to view progress made between the different year groups and to share ideas.

Assessment: At the end of each term, an art scrutiny will take place. This allows the coordinator to track progress across the year groups in terms of skills. The Art coordinator will also be able to speak to a group of students about the different art that they have created within the term and what artists they have learned about.





  • Children will develop art skills based on the six different areas covered throughout the academic year. These six areas include: sketching & drawing; colour; printing & pattern; mixed media; sculpture & form and exploring artists.
  • Children will take part in a range of art lessons that foster a love of learning and creativity.
  • Children will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss a wide range of artists from diverse backgrounds.
  • Children will be given the opportunity to produce independent art and collaborative art that stretch their imaginations and expand their skill set.
  • Children will feel confident and open to discussing different styles of art and how certain pieces of art make them feel.
  • Children will have a well-rounded education that not only fosters their academic side, but also, their creative side.