Geography at OLSJ


At Our Lady and St Joseph we ensure that pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, and place great importance on the Humanities.

OLSJ has recently invested in a new scheme of work for Geography called Voyagers by Rising Stars. It’s an exciting programme of lessons, which is packed with creative outcomes, such as recording your own weather forecast, creating a season’s diorama or debating ways to make our school more sustainable. We have found the lessons to be cross-curricular, improving core English, Maths and Science skills in an exciting, meaningful and interactive way. We also celebrate important days in the calendar year including Space Week, Hispanic Week and Remembrance Day.

Please see below a brief breakdown of the units each year group covers as well as curriculum coverage.


Rising Stars Geography Topicspage1image952

Year 1

•Where do different animals live? (Links to What will we see on our journey around the world?)

• What are the seasons?

Year 2

• What it’s like where we live?
• What are the seven wonders of our world?

Year 3

• Where on Earth are we?

• Is climate cool?

Year 4

• Do you like to be beside the seaside?
• Can you come on a great American road trip?

Year 5

• How is our country changing? (Link to How did World War Two impact our local area?)

• What is it like in the Amazon?

Year 6

• Where does all of our stuff come from?
•Are we damaging our world? (Link to what our world will look like in the future?)