Week beginning 25/01/21

Welcome to week 4,
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and you managed to fit in some fun activities. You're all doing really well adapting to home learning and managing to work independently. This is a really important skill to learn, which will help you enormously moving forward with your school education. So keep up all the good work!
This week we are continuing with Charlotte's web in English, reading chapters everyday and following this up with different activities. From next week, we will speed up our reading, so we can focus on some longer writing activities. In maths, we are only using your maths booklets on Monday. For the rest of the week we learning the bus method and revising multiplication, so there are separate worksheets for this. I have made a video explaining the method, which should help you to do your work. We will then return to the booklet, looking at area next week. Maths videos are at the bottom of the page. 
There are two lessons for science and RE as usual, and an Art lesson for Friday. I have also included handwriting, mental maths and spelling for you to complete and practise during the week. Always feel free to do any additional work that interests you, reviewing your reading book, doing a research project on a subject you like etc. 
If you would like to see an overview of the work I've set, I have included a timetable for the week. Really important to make sure you are doing 3 hours of work every day as a minimum.
Have a great week,
Kind regards,
Mr. Rook.
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