Staff List January 2018
Headteacher: Mr. Sean Flood
Deputy Head: Ms Aoife O’Grady
Assistant Head: Ms Judyta Ruminska/Ms. Sarah Woodhouse
Nursery: Ms Chiara Scarpini
Reception: Ms Emma Sharpe
Year 1: Ms Sarah Woodhouse
Year 2: Ms Jade Cahill
Year 3:  Mr Joshua Rook
Year 4: Ms Claire Walshe
Year 5: Ms Rosanna Harries
Year 6: Ms. Judyta Ruminska
SENCO: Mr Gwynfor Hood
Behaviour Leads & Interventions: Mr Gwynfor Hood and Mr Nick James
EAL, PPA and G & T support: Ms. Lynn Marshall
Music Teacher: Ms. Lauren Dyer
Assessment Co-Ordinator 
and Community Support:   Mrs. Theresa Garnett
Sports Coaches : Mr. Nick James
ICT technical support: Andrew Povey (Toucan)
Early Years Practitioner: Ms. Joan Esbrand
Teaching support staff:
Ms.Emma Gadsdon
Mrs Kate Omo-Osagie
Ms. Fiona Doherty
Ms. Edel Smith
Ms Christine Brady
Mr Nick James
Ms.Tracey Francois
Ms. Caterina Campbell
Ms. Asia Begum
Mrs. Sonia Aquilina
Ms. Sylivia Dyer
Ms Rosie Tappin
Breakfast Club: 
Ms Tracey Francois
Ms Sylivia Dyer
After School Centre:
Ms Edel Smith
Administration, Attendance and Finance Assistants:
Ms.Theresa O'Hagan
Ms. Kathy Glass
School Keeper: Mr. Daniel Duncalf
Cleaners (SND Company):
Mrs. Audrey Morris
Mrs. Vanessa Rizzo
Ms. Cathy Rabess
Senior Meals Supervisor: Ms Tracey Francois
Meals Supervisor:
Mrs. Betty Graydon
Mrs. Vanessa Rizzo
Ms. Kathy Glass
Mrs Kate Omo-Osagie
Ms. Asia Begum
Mrs Sonia Aquilina
Ms. Sylivia Dyer
Mr. Nick James
Gardener: Ms. Helen Birch