Timetables Spring 2018


For your information below are the current timetables for Spring 2018. In a primary school they are subject to change and modification on an almost daily basis.

These are outlines and general guidance only and do not mean for example that on say Thursday at 2.15pm my child will be doing Science or History. In primary schools there is so much more than the rigid timetables you might find in a secondary school. This is simply because children are far younger, take longer to complete work and have different interests and enthusiasms. Teachers also have much greater autonomy in delivering a balanced curriculum. For example if children (below 5 ) or pupils (above 5) are fascinated by say an RE or Music or Art topic then this may overrun into the next lesson. They may be preparing for an assembly, a class liturgy or seasonal celebration. Pupils may need a break and some fresh air or a run/walk on our Daily Mile track.

This is to be encouraged and as long as I believe teachers are doing a really good job they have my blessing and do not need to ask permission to change. We do have mostly outstanding teachers just now. Please remember this when you look at these and remember they change daily, weekly and termly.

Hope you find this information useful. Sean Flood (Headteacher)