Week beginning 01/02/21

Dear parents/carers,

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week and this year's theme is Express Yourself.

Expressing yourself is about finding ways to share feelings, thoughts, or ideas, through creativity. This could be through art, music, writing and poetry, dance and drama, photography and film, and doing activities that make us feel good.

Children will be taking part in a range of activities to help them look after their wellbeing and give them some ideas to help build resilience.

The timetable below outlines all the work for the week.

Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions. I am available on Google Classroom stream if children want to ask me any questions too.

My warm wishes,

Ms Ruminska.  

Mental Health Week additional activities.
Some extra activities for the children to do in their spare time including Mindfulness colouring, Being Kind to Yourself, Positivity Jar and more...