Pupil Premium: Action Plan 2015/2016


Total Pupil Premium funding   

2015/2016     £84,440



1. To raise attainment of pupils who are working below age expectancy.

@ Groups £49,970


2. To accommodate pupils in who are in receipt of PP with a full time nursery placement, subject to availability.

5 places @ £13,000


3. To improve behavior within a focused PPG.

@ £6,000


4. To provide an opportunity for pupils to attend an extended schools learning provision including home-learning club.

@ £1500


5. Ensure pupils have the opportunity to experience a creative enrichment program.

@ £4,000



  • Group Intervention Program for PPG who have been identified for needing help.


  • 1:1 Maths/ English/ SAL for PPG who require this additional support.


  • Spring term extra curricular booster sessions


  • Yr 6 Easter half term SATS extra curricular sessions.


  • Assisted additional Nursery hours.


Whole school results for 2015-2016 


 GLD: 87% (4 HNM GLD 2 pupil premium, 2 non PP.) 


KS1 Year1 Phonics Check: 100% 


Reading: 100% 

Writing: 100% 

Maths: 100% 



Reading: 80% 5 Pupils HNM 4 PP 1 non PP 

Writing: 90% 3 Pupils HNM 2 PP 1 non PP 

Maths: 93% 2 Pupils HNM 1 PP 1 non PP


Impact of funding 2015 -2016 on disadvantaged pupils

 Funding of full time Nursery provision for disadvantaged pupils offered and taken up by parents.

This had a significant impact on their PSED, CLL and phonics outcomes at GLD reception class.

87% overall.

To raise levels of attainment for pupils who are below average attainment. Evidenced by outcomes in Y1 phonics check @ 100% and resist in Y2 also @ 100% success rate.

Equally Key stage 1 outcomes in Reading, Writing and Maths were all either at or above age expectations.

At Key stage 2 outcomes were also equally at or above age expectations especially in Writing, Maths and SP&G.

less so in Reading but still above nation l levels and way above local outcomes.

Behaviour was impacted upon for disadvantaged pupils by the creation of a Calming room staffed by an experienced Learning Mentor whose main goal was to reduce time out of class. This is evidenced by room logs and tracking sheets. Exclusions at historically minimal levels and way below local and national averages.