Home learning 13/07/20 - 17/07/20

Dear Year 3,
I hope you've all had a lovely week despite the horrible weather. I am really looking forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday for your transition morning/ afternoon. This is the final week of school and therefore this will be the final week of work I will set. However, I have put in some extra activities this week to keep you busy during the holidays. Also I really do encourage everyone to read everyday, write stories/ keep a diary,  practise your spellings/ times tables and to work on your operations methods at the very least. It is so important you continue to do little bits everyday to keep your brains active. 
If I don't see you, have a wonderful holiday, relax, refresh and get ready for a new start in Year 4 in September.
Kind regards,
Mr. Rook. 
For the final week, we are continuing with multiplication and division. I have given the option of the grid method or short multiplication for day 1. Day 2 is more short multiplication, number facts work for day 3, bus stop method division for day 4, and some mixed work problems for day 5. I have also included some extra work problems should you wish to practice further. 
Please read through the word document for this weeks tasks. 
We are still looking at special places this week. Some different activities to try. Task 1 is to think about Jesus' special places and fill in the worksheet. Task 2, I would like you to research the different Christian special places in the world. Fill in the sheet with pictures and titles. Task 3, I would like you to compare special places of different religions. For the final task, think about the special places in the world in the picture. How can we protect everything, what should we do to protect their future?
We are finishing the Egyptians this week. We have covered most areas so far, so I have included a quiz at the end. There are a mixture of activities to have a go at, enjoy.