Week beginning 13/07/20

Dear Parents, Carers & Children,
Below you'll find this week's online home learning. As always, these are only lesson ideas for you and your child so there is no pressure to complete every single task. Your child can complete every activity or choose certain tasks that they would like to complete.
As it's our last official week of school, I've added a few fun resources in the 'End of Year Activities' sections below. I've also added a few extra bits like Year 3 & 4 spellings and Year 5 & 6 spellings so your child can practise over the Summer holidays if they wish to!
I have set weekly tasks on the online learning website, Purple Mash. Your child can access these tasks by using their login. If they've misplaced their login, just let me know on Class Dojo and I'll send it through.
If you have any questions, are in need of any advice or have any requests for extra work, you can contact me on Class Dojo. I look forward to speaking to you and your child this week.
Here's to a lovely week ahead!
English: Writing & Spellings
This week, you'll see there is a PDF with writing activities and two spelling sheets for the children to practise in their spare time and over the Summer.
English: Reading
This week, I've uploaded four reading comprehensions. Three of these are non-fiction texts and one text is fictional.
The three non-fiction texts have a star system at the bottom of the page. Please choose the text your child feels most comfortable completing.
English: Grammar
This week, I've uploaded three revision sheets on a range of different areas of grammar. There is a star system at the end of each page.
1 star: Easiest
2 stars: Medium
3 stars: Difficult
Please choose the text your child feels most comfortable completing. The answers are at the end of each document so you (or your child) can check their work after.
Maths: Reading Data
This week, the children will be exploring different types of charts and graphs where data is displayed. Please see the PowerPoint below for extra guidance. I've also attached a helpful link from BBC Bitesize...
Maths Activities
End of Year Activities
Don't worry if you don't have a printer at home, have a look at some of these activities and create your own posters based on the ideas below!
RE Art Competition: Art in Heaven
(Closing Date: July 31st)

If you would like to enter this competition, you must choose a theme from the list provided and create a piece of artwork around that theme. You also must write about the artwork you’ve created. I’ve attached a few pictures of children’s work from previous years (in the above RE activities document) so you have an idea of what is expected in your entry. All entries can be posted directly to the competition address provided in this document... Good luck!