Year 1 Assembly 13/03/19

This term Year 1's assembly was about British Values and one of our class favourite books 'The Smartest Giant in Town'.  The story tells of a selfless giant who helps some sad and upset animals whilst on his way home.  The giant ends up feeling miserable himself as he is left cold, without any clothes and his trousers falling down!  The story does have a haps ending though, as all the animals present George the giant with a wonderful gold crown and a letter of thanks, declaring him the kindest giant in town.  It is always important to remember to be kind and considerate towards others and live our everyday lives following the British values of respect and tolerance.  Year one ended with a beautiful song called 'be the Change' and a simple yet powerful prayer which you can read below.  Well done to all the children on their fantastic performance, confident speaking and important message.

Dear Lord,


No act of kindness is too small,

The gift of kindness may start as a small ripple,

That over time can turn into a tidal wave,

Affecting the lives of many.

Please help us to always be kind, help and respect each other.