Year 1 Eucharist Artwork

Eucharist art

Year One made Eucharist artwork as we have been learning about the Preparation of the Gifts and how it is a special part of Mass. Taking up the gifts is a special job for the parish family. During mass, some of the parish family take the gifts of bread and wine to the altar; Jesus’ table.

The priest asks God to bless the bread and wine that would become Jesus body and blood. Grown ups and older children then receive Jesus in Holy Communion, and the smaller children are given a blessing.

We coloured in a sheet to look like a stained glass window and then stuck the chalice and bread above. The bread is also called the host. If you look inside the bread, you will see a picture of Jesus we coloured in as we are learning that the bread is Jesus’ body.


Eucharist salt dough

Using salt dough and cookie cutters, Year One made the bread also known as the host and a chalice used to hold the wine. We reminded ourselves they represent Jesus’ body and blood.  Once the salt dough dried, we painted them. Well done Year One!